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Supporting America's Move to Raise
a Healthier Generation of Kids

I am honored

to have been appointed to the nine-member Board of Directors

of Partnership for

a Healthier America (PHA), the non-profit guiding and supporting the First Lady

Michelle Obama’s

Let’s Move Initiative.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s and her advisors’ first meeting with PHA Board on April 7, 2010.


Since I believe in “thinking globally and acting locally,” I am very excited about my involvement in
Let’s Move LA, spearheaded by the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles (FAME).

The threat of childhood obesity to the health of our children and the health of our nation has never been greater. For the first time in our history, the United States is raising a generation of children who may live sicker, shorter lives than their parents. 

First Lady Michelle Obama recognizes this threat, and has taken up the cause with her Let's Move campaign, encouraging families across the country to commit to living healthier lives. Now, the Partnership for a Healthier America will support the First Lady’s cause by encouraging, tracking, and communicating commitments to healthier lifestyles from partner organizations — commitments that align with the Partnership for a Healthier America's priorities.

The Partnership for a Healthier America will fill a unique niche among childhood obesity initiatives across the United States. As a partner to the First Lady’s campaign, the Partnership will work alongside the federal government to build target industry specific solutions to fighting obesity that can be measured and tracked. Rather than award grants, engage in policy discussions or develop programmatic activities, the Partnership will concentrate on mobilizing leadership from across sectors and at every level to take action that can have a significant impact on organizational goals.

The threat of childhood obesity is real, and will remain until we take action. The Let's Move campaign has gotten us started; now the Partnership is ready to help mobilize the nation to curb childhood obesity within a generation.

Visit www.aHealthierAmerica.org and www.LetsMove.gov


First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Yancey at the Building a Healthier Future Summit, November 30, 2011