Sparking a Movement to Energize America -10 Minutes at a Time

Even if you work out in the gym five days a week,
it doesn't inoculate you from the perils of sitting. 


December 5, 2012

Gil’s first guest of the hour, Dr. Toni Yancey, professor of public health at UCLA, explains the dangers of spending too much time at work just sitting, and gives suggestions of how one could change their routines to improve their health.; Gil comments on Dick Armey’s willingness to leave Freedom Works with an $8 million buyout.; Gil speaks with jazz and film critic Gene Seymour who interviewed jazz great Dave Brubeck two years ago. Seymour talks about Brubeck’s musical influence on other jazz artists. Brubeck passed away today, just two days shy of his 92nd birthday.; Wrapping up the hour, Gil expresses his concern about airline safety when he reads that a Jet Blue customer was able to punch out a window on an airplane on which he was riding. LISTEN



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